Types Of Tree Services

There are several tree services that an arborist or perhaps also known as a tree surgeon. An arborist knows everything when it’s time to trim down, prune or remove a tree.

Trees have also its diseases where ordinary people think that it’s normal when in fact it is not. Trees that carry a disease have the higher risk of infecting people. In line with this, a diseased tree should be treated immediately.

To get to know more about the details of what are the different types of tree services, that an arborist can help you, here are the list for your reference.


Tree Removal Service

Trees that are too tall and near the other trees are blocking its air passage as well as the sunlight vitamins that they need. A tree removal service is necessary when a tree’s branches started to fall out and it can be a reason of sudden accidents to the people.


Tree Surgery

If you want to save the trees at your backyard or even at your village from dying, you should seek help from a professional arborist that can help you with three surgery. This type of service will prevent your trees to have permanent damage caused by pest infestation, fungal infection and alike.


Emergency Tree Storm Service

Severe typhoon rakes our home, destroys our farms and vanish the fruits and vegetables it bears. Sometimes, we have had traffic problems cause by a tree that fell down due to the strong wind and continuous rainfall.

Emergency tree storm service staff will remove immediately the trees blocking the roads. It also ensured that every passenger and the community affected by the trees will be safe.


Pruning And Trimming Service

To maintain that the trees are growing healthy and to continue to provide the oxygen we need, pruning and trimming will eradicate ill and dead branches.

On the other hand, there are two types of hand pruners; the first one is Bypass pruners cutting the tree like scissors, whereas the blades are definitely sharp and extremely harmful.

A professional tree service company is recommended for this action, while the other type of pruning the tree would be the loppers that have larger and longer blades compared to bypass pruners.

Trimming the tree adds up the beauty of the environment, and it also helps the community to add positive thoughts towards life when being surrounded by healthy and strong trees.